Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward

I think I am glad to see the end of 2012, although I carry a sadness in my heart. The holidays are hard when your family is not together. Matt and I celebrated Christmas with an abundance of food and comfort while our child was most likely hungry and alone in an orphanage. The past year was a mix of excitement and frustration. In the spring we began the adoption process with bright eyes and eager hearts, but most of what followed was disappointment and impatience over the countless unexplainable delays we have experienced. There were a few moments, though, that filled us with a sense of accomplishment as we inched our way through the process. While I do still get a little stressed sometimes over the paperwork, I think all of the delays have helped me worry less about the adoption as a whole. I have learned how little control I actually have and whatever is meant to happen will happen. Things may be slow, but I trust God will help us through it all and we will eventually have a child to bring home. I know the upcoming year will have its share of waiting and paperwork, but I choose to look forward to 2013 with a hopeful heart, preparing myself and my home for our long-awaited child.